School trip to Zagorje,Croatia- video

I was absolutely amazed when my daughter showed me photos and videos from her school trip to Castle Trakošćan.


They obviously had great time and they were lucky to have great bus driver who turned the music on and let them enjoy the ride trough amazing countryside of Zagorje which I am  so happy to share it on my blog.
This video was not filmed intentionaly, boy called

Philip who sat next to my daughter filmed 5 minute long video of their jurney, while other kids were singing. It’s the real thing! True, live,  amazing Zagorje in spring  2016. He is only 10 year old kids! I am proud that he gave us oportunity to feel and see the part of their trip.


This video shows the beauty of -Hrvatsko Zagorje, north-west region of Croatia. Its northern border lies at River Sutla at the border with Slovenia, which is the western border while River Lonja the eastern. The southern border of the Zagorje touches the slopes of Medvednica and city of Zagreb. Hrvatsko Zagorje includes areas around Krapina and Varaždin as well as outskirts of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia…


Trakošćan Castle, 80km northwest of Zagreb, is worth a visit for its well-presented museum and attractive grounds. The exact origin of its construction is unknown, but the first official mention dates to 1334. Not many of the castle’s original Romanesque features were retained when it was restored in neo-Gothic style in the mid-19th century; the 215-acre castle grounds were landscaped into a romantic English-style park with exotic trees and an artificial lake.

Occupied by the aristocratic Drašković family until 1944, the castle features three floors of exhibits that display the family’s original furniture, a plethora of portraits, an armament’s collection of swords, and a period kitchen in the basement. The series of rooms range in style from neo-Renaissance to Gothic and baroque.


Thank you !

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