Smallest town in the world ! – Hum

Yes,smallest it is and it’s in Guinness book of records ! I wrote about my trip to Istra in Croatia few weeks back, I can’t believe I forgot to mention this interesting finding. I drove pass this town, but unfortunately I didn’t have time to stop by! If you ever visit Croatian north coast,you will be very close to visit Hum.

I found out some info about it and here it is.


The smallest city in the world with its two streets and 30  inhabitants is the sole protector of our Glagolitic tradition since the 9th century and was the centre of local medieval literacy and literature. As well as for the writing tradition Hum is known for its famous Biska (mistletoe grappa), a beverage made of mistletoe whose medicinal and aphrodisiac qualities made it internationally known and famous. With a tavern in which you can taste numerous meals based on centuries-old tradition and recipe, in Hum there is also a Biska museum and numerous souvenir shops stocked with handcrafts and gifts for your loved ones.


Hum frescoes are a unique piece of art by an unknown author from the 12th century and they cover the walls of the old chapel on the cemetery in Hum and were accidentally discovered by Branko Fučić. More about Hum



Thank you !

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