Summer holiday is rolling…

It’s first week of our summer school holiday over here in Croatia. Finily relaxing, no more getting up at more homeworks till september! We made lovely bouquet of roses for teacher,picked from the garden. We wraped up the present in newspaper and toilet roll! Some string and woeee !!!


We can go outside in our super ugly pajamas to get the mail and drink early coffee/tea on the porch!

samsung s 2 2014 6 078 Kids can pick strawberries from the garden whenever they want. A lot of us are looking forward going to the seaside or some other trips! I am always having house full of kids, who freely run in and out, play out in the garden or run up and down the road.



I am happy that my kids appreciate life in the country, they will soon leave home and go study into the city, but they will have nice memories from childhood! This kind of lifestyle is fading away.They only have a glimbse of it.

Grannys veg garden


Today we went for a walk in the forest at back of our garden. Three dogs following us! Two of them not even ours,but they feel part of the group ! It is harder and harder to get them of their tablets and computer games !



Thank you !

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