Cross run Čevo – night run trough the forest 2016

This year I wasnt able to be part of this fun cross run, only 15min away from Varaždin and my home town, but I ve taken some photos to share this event on my blog.
I am pleased that our local people get inspired to organise all kind of different events, make the most of our beautiful countryside and connecting with the world. They prove that a lot can be done with only small donations of 3-5 euros.




Running to the top of the hill (562m) trough the forest at night, great atmosphere, people from different parts of Croatia and Europe!image

Route trough the forest is marked with old lanterns. image

Long 2.14km, elevation gane around 321m.
It’s organised every year, followed by barbique, home made traditional cheese struddle, swimming in the river,


dancing Zumba with trainer and lots of positive vibrations.

Orginizer Mr. Lackovic made sure everyone gets hand made medal which he made himself. image

Girls dancing Zumba spicing up the atmosphere!


Well done to our town meyor Siniša Jenkac who participated in the race.

If you need more info about it there is facebook page Cross liga cevo

See you next year geared up!


Thank you !

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