Trip to Montenegro

End of August, me and my friend decided to take a short trip to Montenegro by car.We drove from
Varazdin town in Croatia all the way south to Dubrovnik. We planned to go back different way trough Bosnia, and visit some amazing places on our way.


We did about 550 miles on the day we left. It took us very long time as we stopped in Dubrovnik as a MUST, to treat ourselves to a nice cup of coffee at a well-known Stradun.

(The limestone-paved pedestrian street runs some 300 metres through the Old Town, the historic part of the city surrounded by the Walls of Dubrovnik.)

To park the car was nightmare and costs £6.50 an hour. After Dubrovnik short break we continued our trip along the coast.Soon we had to prepare passports to enter Montenegro.



To get to Tivat you have to take a short trip by ferry and have euros prepared as they don’t take cards! Its a 10 min ferry trip.very short.

When we arrived we already had arranged private accommodation which you can get from £40.00 per night.

Tivat is new, multi-million pound marina – Porto Montenegro – and a host of five-star hotel openings, Montenegro has become a magnet for wealthy Russian holidaymakers and Europe’s yachting fraternity. But beyond this affluent scene, the coast remains quirky and friendly, with villages clinging to the steep shoreline, uncrowned beaches and smoky konoba restaurants where you can spend the afternoon with a €5 bottle of wine.



First day at Marina Tivat and relaxing on the beach in a front of beautiful Hotel dressed in white stone.20170822_113822.jpg

The second day visit to The bay of Kotor.


Rocky mountains, up to 5,000 feet high, plunge to the fjord-like bay. Decorating the foothills are cypress, fig, olive, cedar, palm and pine trees and grape arbors. Kotor has become a popular stop for smaller cruise ships.

The medieval town of Kotor, which was founded by the Romans in 168 BC, has a noticeably high cat population. For centuries, Kotor served as a trading port for ships from all over the world, and many of the cats who were on the ships were left behind, ultimately populating the small town with a diverse array of felines..

Cats are the unofficial symbol of Kotor and feline fans can check out the Cat Museum and the Cats of Kotor Shop.Slikovni rezultat za cats in kotorThird day visit to Budva.

Slikovni rezultat za budva

Budva was President Tito’s Benidorm, a long arc of beach framed by 1960s high-rise hotels.


The promenade has many open air bars and you can hear the loud music until 1am when everyone then goes to Top Hill until the early hours.

The Old Town is a special place at night with restaurants along the marina where you can gaup at the stunning yachts.



You don’t have to go far to visit Hawaii either (Sveti Nikola official name). Just a ten minute boat ride from the main beach in Budva is the small island of Hawaii, an unusual shaped island with giant rocks and a pine forest.

On our return three days later we visited Mostar and close by Međugorje (popular site of Catholic pilgrimage due to reports of alleged apparitions of the Virgin Mary to six local children.) I will write about this journey in Bosnia on my next posts!



Thank you !

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