About me



I am Ivana, a  mum of two beautiful daughters . We live in a small but beautiful country  Croatia. Not far from amazing Croatian coast and capital Zagreb. We started our life in Croatia 2009 .We moved from busy England to start a healthy and laid back lifestyle.

My past has helped me to become who I am today and taught me  what  life is about and how to make the most of it! Being a single parent I went trough a lot of hiccups in life, moving around in foreign country, trying to make a home, trying many jobs, studying, taking  different courses, dreaming about many things I wanted to achieve. I was never sure of anything I did . I tried this, I tried that… Life is not easy when things don’t go your way,when you find yourself exhausted, lost, when you face broken bridges that you must get over.

In grandmas garden !

There was a time when I broke to pieces.  The past that I dragged along, anger, disappointments, failures, number of problems along  and so on, which had no more room inside me. I had no idea how to overcome the way I was feeling. I had  no time to stop and think about my life. We live fast and take wrong turnings, and some of us get lost,like I did.wp-1464678059100.jpg





I am so thankful to many great books I ve read, life coaches I  followed , great friend who were always there for me. I have overcome my issues step by step. I was happier day by day and magic does happen. If you believe it, it will come to you!


Therefore  I am looking forward to share various  information that changed my life. I hope you will find many useful  information that  might help you  or inspire you. I am also going to write about Croatia, and  share  my interest in craft and design. Places to visit, people who inspired me, books, food, shopping,  psychology, personal development ,my moments and my experiences and much much more….

Not only that you can read about my posts  in Croatia, you can also make it your next destination were I will be your personal host ! More to find out about VISIT CROATIA.

Enjoy my posts !Image may contain: 1 person, standing, shoes and outdoor



I’m not a therapist and professional, no information on this site should be construed as psychological or proffessional advice.


Thank you !

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