The Single Traveller in Croatia

Personal  host  in Croatia

Ivana,your personal host in rural Croatia.Explore with fun !

Holidays aren’t just for single people, they’re for anyone who wants to travel solo. So if you want to experience Croatia in good company or feel it’s time to do something that’s just for you and you don’t want to travel with your partner or friend, then You might be in a right place.

Croatia has a timeless appeal that draws travelers to its breathtaking coastline, ancient cities and rural villages. Whether you like  swimming , hiking, wine tasting, eating local food, be part of local culture or explore ancient Roman ruins, Croatia offers miles of possibilities.

I mix everything together to create the ideal travel experience for independent globe trotters. I think it’s a bit like making a cake. A sprinkle of culture, a good pinch of fun, a dash of freedom and a drop of adventure, with the icing on top.

I provide all-inclusive personalized tour guide service for travelers and business people  wishing to visit.

You will be met at the airport and you can be driven to all places on your wish list, so you don’t have to worry about driving in completely  unknown places.
Slikovni rezultat za zagorje         Slikovni rezultat za zagorje


Plan your trip of a lifetime. Let’s shop, hangout, explore, and dine in the many unique places that this country has to offer.

I can help you communicate with locals or local business partners. I can set up meetings, look for products, contact local suppliers to be your broker or negotiator.

Visit old castles and learn the legends of Croatian history, relax your body and soul in the most beautiful nature parks and National parks, and treat your taste buds to culinary delights. Relieve stress . In memory of the unforgettable moments buy an original, hand-made souvenir. Explore the unexplored and simply enjoy the best of Croatia!

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Slikovni rezultat za zagorje